CIMA Strategic case study mock exams August 2015 - Glory case study

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'Mock 1 is “challenging but fair” Business operations being threatened by a crisis is a common is figuring out what to do when such a crisis occurs! The first section of this mock tests you on this ability as well as applying ethical factors. We know ethics is a key focus for the examiners. So be prepared to discuss ethical issues throughout every mock!'

'Mock 2 is a “medium” level of difficulty. It kicks off (pardon the pun!) with a question relating to the football academy. The board has set clear targets relating to the number of youth players they wish to see coming through the system. Yet these targets have consistently not been met. It is up to you to investigate the cause of this and make an appropriate recommendation going forward

'Mock 3 is a "challenging exam". It opens with a bang! A super-sized question on the feasibility and suitability of signing a top European player and whether or not it is the right option for the company. Lots of opportunity to pick up those all important people marks here! It's worth noting that during the March and May exams the question length varied quite dramatically and so you should get some practice at answering questions of all different lengths

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Key benefits of completing CIMA mock exams

  • Practise your writing style – get used to the structure and style prior to the exams

  • Test your knowledge – its designed questions that cover a wide range of the syllabus

  • Perfect your time management – the mocks have built in timers to ensure you do not spend more than the allotted time.

  • Learn from your mistakes – full solutions are provided so that you can identify your knowledge gaps.

  • It's the closest you are going to get to the real thing! 

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A guide to marking a CIMA case study mock exam script

Here are some useful questions you should ask yourself if you are marking your own mock exam script. 

1. How well did you apply the case to the unseen scenario - are you scoring enough application marks?

2. Your application to the preseen - are you using preseen information enough?

3. Is the balance of your points under the technical, people, business and leadership areas even? If not, where you need to improve?

4. Your exam technique - are you focusing on what you need to do to score more marks or are your answers unfocused and unstructured?

7. Are you writing enough to pass? An hours requirement needs about 25 paragraphs, and ideally a few more too.
8. Do you need to make more points and in which sections?

9. Are there any key areas of technical weakness that you need to revise?

10. How do you rate your overall performance compared with the solution?

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