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Saturday, August 13, 2016

CIMA OTQ exam Mini tips

CIMA OTQ exam tips

When faced with a tricky Objective Test question, it's easy to get yourself stressed. The answer is A... or is it B... no it is definitely A! Actually, it might be B...This can play on your mind, distracting you from other questions and drawing you to keep revisiting the question. 

 you should not allow yourself to get caught in this trap and instead go with with your gut instinct, as the majority of the time your initial answer will be the right one!

Why trust it? Because you have studied for the exam, even if the question is awkwardly asked, if you're well prepared your subconscious can guide you to the right answer even if you have doubts. Remember also, once you have finished the question - move on. Deliberating will only leave you less time and distract you when tackling other questions, just keep going and if you're really doubtful then only revisit the question at the end of the exam after you've had some time away from it.

 The OT exams are extremely useful in this respect because you can skip over any question and revisit it at the end if you have time; so again, do not rush the questions, answer the one's you find most comfortable first, then go back to the trickier ones later

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