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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Key Exam tips for SCS exam from the CIMA examiner

Here are some of the key themes from the latest SCS report:

Industry and pre-seen knowledge

One surprising point made by the examiners, involved student's knowledge of the May pre-seen and the industry within which the pre-seen company stood.

“... Many candidates did apply their answers to the industry which was good, however some candidates did not appear to be familiar with the pre-seen material at all.."

It's vital that you get to know the pre-seen and the pre-seen company inside-out! The Alternative Energy Consulting (AEN) pre-seen was released six weeks ago, so there should be no excuses for not knowing everything there is top know about the pre-seen and the industry in which it sits.

Application is key

In another point, the examiners voiced their concern over the apparent use of pre-learned paragraphs:

“The main problems were candidates failing to answer what was asked and writing everything they knew on the topic being asked about."

Simply explaining a theory you know will not get you any marks, unless you can apply it to the scenario that you are faced with. We do suggest that preparing pre-learned paragraphs can be a useful tool for saving time in the exam, however, you MUST link the paragraph to the question and the situation that you have been given.

Depth of answers

This is a point that we have raised on numerous occasions, and it is one that the examiners also suggest is important:

“...candidates must be able to apply their knowledge to a variety of situations and show they have an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter."

It's tempting for students to feel like they need to rush straight into their answers because of the time pressure, you could actually save time by planning your answer first.
It's important to look at what the examiners have found in previous sittings as you can then ensure you have considered these issues before your exam.

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