OCS November 2016 Schedule to turn a fail into a pass.. from Astranti

OCS November 2016 Schedule
OCS November 2016 Schedule 

One of the Top Tips from our August operational case study survey was being able to manage time, "time management is very essential to pass" one of our students responded. In my experience, I have seen too many students failing to make their revision structured enough - leaving them with gaps in their knowledge come exam time.

To help organise your revision, I have decided to share with you the schedule which our many course students will follow.
Using a schedule allows you to make sure that you are using your time as effectively as possible, ensuring that nothing is missed and meaning you're more likely to pass your exam!


Monday 19th- Official CIMA pre-seen release date - carefully read through the pre-seen case study.

Thursday 22nd- Watch the Course Videos and read through Study Text Part 1 - watch these to cement your knowledge of what's needed to pass the exam. We recommend these should be watched in synchrony with the Study Text Part 1. Watch a sample of our Course Videos

Monday 26th- Official Course Start Date
Thursday 29th- Begin to work your way through our pre-seen materials - These pre-seen case study materials helps to build an excellent foundation in preparation for the exam. The videos takes you through the whole document and highlights the important areas for you to focus on. Watch a sample of our Pre-seen Analysis video

Saturday 1st- Read through Study Text Part 2 - Study Text Part 2 should be read continuously throughout the course. The Study Text Part 2 is a condensed version of our E1, F1 and P1 texts and particularly focuses on those areas most relevant to the case study-  Read a sample chapter of our Study Text Part 2.

Monday 3rd- Work through the Ethics Pack- The Ethics Pack is a combination of a video and an e-book which covers a subject that regularly appears in the exam, and which many candidates overlook.

Wednesday 5th- Marker assigned to you

Saturday 8th- Attend Masterclass 1 - (Watch the recorded version during the week if you are unable to attend the live session).

Sunday 16th- Mock 1 deadline - Complete mock and send to your marker

Monday 17th- Study our Mock 1 solutions

Tuesday 18th-Saturday 22nd- Review Mock 1 feedback when returned by marker

Sunday 23rd- Mock 2 deadline - Complete mock and send to your marker

Monday 24th- Study our Mock 2 solutions

Tuesday 25th-Saturday 29th- Review Mock 2 feedback when returned by marker

Sunday 30th- Mock 3 deadline - Complete mock and send to your marker

Monday 31st- Study our Mock 3 solutions


Tuesday 1st-Friday 4th- Review Mock 3 feedback when returned by marker

Saturday 5th- Masterclass 2 - (Watch the recorded version during the week if you are unable to attend the live session)

Tuesday 8th-Saturday 12th- Real exam

Do not be intimidated by this long schedule, you can use it as a template to create your own schedule.


Nick Best from Astranti.com

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