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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Top tips to answer the CIMA exam Questions ..

How to answer the CIMA exam Questions ??? -  Top tips
How to answer the CIMA exam Questions ??? -  Top tips

A key skill being tested in the case study exam is your ability to work out exactly what you are being asked to do. 

If we go back to the August OCS Examiner's Report the examiners placed importance on students getting straight to the point with their answers and addressing the key requirements of the question:

"The tasks set are tests of effective communication skill as well as technical know-how. In some tasks it was clear that candidates had knowledge of a particular area, but were unable to apply it effectively to the case study."

Some of the sections in the exam will have two or three sub-requirements. It is a massive risk to miss any - as you'd have missed out on a significant portion of the marks. Miss two and you may as well re-book your place at the next sitting! However with care and by following some simple steps, the requirements can become clear:

1. Read through carefully 

This may seem like an obvious, but it's amazing how reading through the text really carefully can help in highlighting the requirements of a question.

2. Don't 'assume' your own requirements 

under timed conditions, it can become tempting to jump to conclusions and think you have found a requirement when in reality the requirement may have been yet to be discussed.

3. Plan your answer

 Plan your answer

Learning how to effectively plan your answer will naturally help you to answer exactly what the question is requiring from you.

During your practise in the last couple of weeks before the exam, make sure you are highlighting the requirements of the practise questions, and are then addressing these requirements directly. This will develop good habits for when you come to sit your real exam.

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