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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

CIMA SCS November 2016 Pre-seen was released

CIMA SCS November 2016 Pre-seen was released
CIMA SCS November 2016 Pre-seen was released 

You may have missed it, but the November SCS pre-seen was released today. In case you have not started your revision, now is definitely the time to get going!

The pre-seen puts you as the Senior Manager in the Anderson Dairy Farming Company (ADF). ADF is 150 years old based in the stable and economically developed Hiland, a 
country with the right climate for dairy farming, hence it is in the top 15 milk producing countries in the word.  with all shares remaining in the Anderson family. ADF grew through acquiring neighbouring farms, despite around 1,600 dairy cattle over 4 sheds, the shares of the company all remain in the Anderson family. Your job is to report directly to the board and advise on special projects and strategic matters.

You can find a link to the entire pre-seen document here: Pre-seen Nov 2016 SCS

The last thing you want to be doing in your exam is looking at the pre-seen, you should know it like the back of your hand by November! I also know from experience how easy it is to become too focused on learning the theory when planning revision. Whilst it is vital to know the theory, students will be expected to relate this theory to the pre-seen company in order to get marks, so you'll need to find a balance in order to pass. Here is a quote from a recent survey by August SCS students regarding tips for future students: "Have a detailed reading of the Pre-seen!"
Analysing the pre-seen document can be difficult, and you may find that you struggle to see what bits of information you should be looking out for.

You can find the useful analysis for pre-seen here -