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Monday, October 31, 2016

Top tips to pass CIMA SCS exam in first time from Nissanka

Top tips to pass CIMA SCS exam
Top tips to pass CIMA SCS exam

Nissanka Silva was passed his CIMA SCS exam recently he is working at Accenture Lanka as an Assistant Manager in Finance. He is overlooking Group finance reporting, statutory audit, corporate finance and taxation.. He is also a Associate member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka as well.

We thanked Nissanka for the great tips gave  for the future students and wish him all the very best with his carrier.

I joined CIMA through Gateway route and got through strategic level under the previous syllabus.
I only managed to get 72 marks in my first attempt of SCS in May 2016. I then analysed where I went wrong and changed my strategy. As a result of that, I was able to get 120 marks (which is 80%) in my second attempt in August 2016 and which is a turning point.

My advice to you will be as follows.

  • ·        Analyse the pre seen in detailed and prepare a summery. In my case I prepared a summary of AEN pre seen into just 4 pages.

  • ·         Go through tuition providers pre seen analysis, e.g. KYP, KYI by LearnCIMA, Practice work book by Kaplan and strategic analysis by Astranti

  • ·         Analyse the related industry to some extend as it will be useful in the exam to use real life industry examples. Industry analysis of Astranti will be useful.

  • ·         Attempt at least 15 mocks from different tuition providers as it will cover most of the possible issues. Kaplan and LearnCIMA mocks are preferred.

  • ·         Have your own 5 mocks (variants) based on your analysis of the given pre seen and past papers. When analyzing past papers, focus should be given on Leadership and People skills where 50% of marks is based on this (25% each)

  • Pre seen is issued 6 weeks before the exam which is first week of the previous month of the exam. During this month (first 3 weeks), fully focus on analyzing the pre seen and be familiarize with it. You will not have a time to refer to the pre seen in the exam, so knowing the ins and outs of the pre seen will be key here.

  • During the following month (last 3 weeks), more focus should be on mocks. The more mocks you attempt, you will cover most of possible issues.

When answering in the exam, do focus on below areas.

  • ·         Always use headings for each requirement and sub headings for each paragraph. Keep in mind that the examiner is looking for quality rather than quantity.

  • ·         Always argue for both benefits and drawbacks (Pros and Cons) even not asked to do so.

  • ·         Always conclude your answer with a recommendation and justify your recommendation.

Hope above tips will be useful to you for your preparation and wish you all the very best and good luck for the SCS exam and all your future endeavors. 

Best wishes,

Nissanka Silva