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Friday, October 21, 2016

Top tips to pass CIMA OCS exam from students who did the exams

Top tips to pass your CIMA OCS exam
Top tips to pass CIMA OCS exam

Here are some tips shared by the OCS students in a survey regarding the CIMA Operational case study exam have a look may help for your future OCS exams good luck 

1) Do things within the given time.

2) Do more practice exams.

(as many as you can find) Do revision of theory Go through previous exam questions and the answers. Typing speed is really very important, Learn touch typing, That would make things easier Go through the pre-seen analysis few times. Time management.

3) Practice as many past test papers as possible.

4) Find time to do industry research and don't loose focus. Finish answers well even if you feel you could have done better.

5) Practice more mocks and get the feedback package because it helps you get to on your personal weakness before the real exam.

6) Spend time on your theory and prepare to answer questions by putting your theory into context. Take your time and take a minute to calm yourself if you don't know the answer.

7) No your theory.

8) Time management is very essential to pass. So they have to practice more to manage their time

9) Absolutely revise theory the most!! Its useful to do industry analysis but very hard to make such points in the exam under exam conditions. I was very confident in my industry analysis but very disappointed in the fact that i found only 1 chance to talk about in a 3 hour exam.

10)  Do more practice of CIMA past exams Q&A's and Astranti mocks Q&A. Refer Astranti text material (which is excellent summarized material to the point to clarify concept if needed). If done this, there is a bright chance that they can pass OCS exam in the first attempt.

11) Practice your time management by completing mock exams a few times before the real exam, it would be almost impossible to successfully sit the exam without experiencing this beforehand at least once

12) Getting a wider view on the subject by not just relying on information from the CIMA syllabus

13) Look after yourself psychically and emotionally too!

14) Practice as many questions as possible

15) Know 100% of the E1 F1 and P1 syallabus. Anything could come up.

16) Everyone must be physically and mentally fit before entering into the exam hall especially one must have a good sleep and not be tired at all. 

17) Must complete revision of the entire syllabus at least once just before the exam.

18) Revise all aspects of theory and more of F1

19) Use materials from providers like Astranti , PTA, and VIVA , you can access the sites directly by clicking the name 

20) Studying past mocks and their answers is the best way to increase passing chances and know your theory in and out , study the pre seen material and practice time management.