MCS February 2017 Student feedback and tips for CIMA MCS May 2017 students

How difficult did you find the exam compared to your expectations?

Much more difficult314.3%
More Difficult523.8%
As Expected1152.4%
Much Easier00%

What went well? 

I was able to answer all the section and the requirements within the time given and was also able to write to the required length to earn the marks.thorough prep and exam technique

Sections with clear requirements. Ambiguous requirements hidden in the material took time to identify and determine. E2 questions that can be linked to industry knowledge. Possible to hit a lot of competency criteria in one go.

All Parts.

Time management and layout of answers

Hopefully the quality of answers was good enough to pass.

The tasks associated with F2 and P2

If you were to give one tip for future students, what would it be?

To concentrate more on the practical aspects of the case study rather than concentrating too much on the theory.

Sweat the theory applied to the case study.

Don't miss an inch of the syllabus, it's so frustrating when something comes up on a topic you know you could've revised more on.

Read again and again pre seen (4,5 times), then select 20 important topics/questions asked from previous one year case study exams (from all variants), then write answers to the above 20 topics/questions, as if asked in relation to current case study.

Practice some past papers (available on CIMA connect)

Plan every answer. Use headers to break up your points and more clearly show off the variety of points you want to make.

Need to know theory from the operational level - particularly IAS's!

Study everything and pay special attention to the top 10 most likely topics.

mocks especially material from Kaplan really supports and should focus everything on application to industry

Know your theories inside out.

How many weeks did you spend preparing for the exam?

More than 5 weeks942.9%
4-5 weeks1047.6%
3-4 weeks14.8%
2-3 weeks14.8%
Less than 2 weeks00%

How many hours per week did you spend revising?

More than 10 hours942.9%
7-10 hours838.1%
5-7 hours314.3%
3-5 hours00%
Less than 3 hours14.8%

What would you have spent MORE time on in your preparation now that you have completed the exam?

Revision of Theory1257.1%
Mock Exam Practise1466.7%
Time Management Practise838.1%
Industry Research/Analysis14.8%
Preseen Analysis14.8%
Answer Planning733.3%
Typing Speed Practise419%

What would you have spent LESS time on in your preparation now that you have completed the exam?

Revision of Theory315.8%
Mock Exam Practise210.5%
Time Management Practise315.8%
Industry Research/Analysis1052.6%
Pre-seen Analysis736.8%
Answer Planning15.3%
Typing Speed Practise526.3%

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