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Sunday, April 16, 2017

CIMA Exam Revision Tips

CIMA Exam Revision Tips
CIMA Exam Revision Tips
Try these revision tips and improve your chances of success...

1) Remember to take short breaks. 

When you are revising, it can be tempting to work all day and night. However, it is important to take regular breaks and give your mind a chance to rest. This could be through going for a quick walk outside, having a phone call with a friend or by reading through on of your favorite books. Anything that gives you space from your revision is good! However, and this is important, set a schedule for such breaks. For example, it is not advisable to have a 60 minute break for 10 minutes worth of revision!

2) Don't procrastinate! 

When we are supposed to be revising, activities that we would never usually be interested in suddenly seem extremely important. Tidying your room, washing the dishes, mowing the lawn... these are all examples of procrastination when you are supposed to be revising. By all means, you can do all of these in your free time or within your scheduled breaks, but remember, once you have passed the OT exam, you will have even more free time to pursue these activities!

3) Find the best environment for your revision.

 This could be the local library, your garden or your home office. The right revision location can help you focus, with little distraction. Saying this, some students find that it works better to have several different revision spots, so they move between them before they get distracted! This has also been proven to help with learning.

4) Learn with the right materials.

Use right materials such as Kaplan,BPP.Astranti,Practice test academy,VIVA Financial for learning and practice.

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