CIMA exam pass rates November 2017 - Case studies & Objective tests

CIMA exam pass rates November 2017 - Case studies & Objective tests
CIMA exam pass rates November 2017 - Case studies & Objective tests 

CIMA’s latest pass rates are out and the good news is the rise in August’s 
operational case study to 53%. It was 45% in February and 47% in May.

The other August case study pass rates are also holding up nicely with a management pass rate of 68%. The strategic pass rates fell slightly, but it’s still 62%. 

Looking at the operational results, CIMA’s exam chief, Steve Flatman, said it is simply the case that the cohort were strong and answered the questions better than those in May!

The OT pass rates have also really settled down, including the traditionally tough P1 and P2 exams. The first-time pass rate of P1 sitters is up to 50% and for P2 it’s 53%.

Flatman stressed that his key advice is for students to sit their OTs as soon after they finish their courses. After two/three weeks the pass rates definitely drop. He said: “We would encourage students to be very targeted and take their exams even if they don’t feel up to it. You will never be more ready after finishing a course.”

He went on to stress that low pass rates should not be a badge of honour. “Exams should be fair, and students should know clearly what is being examined and how long it will take to study to get that pass.”

CIMA case study AUGUST pass rates: Operational 53%; Management 68%; Strategic 62%

CIMA First-time OT pass rates 1/10/16 to 30/9/17: E1 79%; P1 50%; F1 72%; E2 86%; P2 53%; F2 54%; E3 68%; P3 59%; F3 60%

CIMA OT total exam pass rates 1/10/16 to 30/9/17: E1 76%; P1 45%; F1 68%; E2 84%; P2 46%; F2 50%; E3 64%; P3 53%; F3 55%

The pass rates cover the objective test sittings 

CIMA OT total exam pass rates76%45%68%84%46%50%64%53%55%
First time pass rate: Percentage of students who have passed the exam on first attempt.  79%50%72%86%53%54%68%59%60%

CIMA August 2017 case study results: 

Operational 53%

Management 68%

Strategic 62%