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Sunday, May 24, 2020

CIMA MCS May 2020 exam students feedback

CIMA MCS May 2020 Students feedback
CIMA MCS May 2020 Students feedback  

There is something comforting in knowing how other students performed in the exam. The anxious wait until results day can be a long and drawn-out process but survey results can help fill the gap!

So let's crack on...

How difficult was the exam?

Overall, 51% of you thought the exam was harder than you had expected!

To add to this, there were no students this sitting who thought the exam was easier than expected - so it seems like the May exam was indeed a very tricky exam!

What could have gone better in your exam?

"Application to the pre-seen was harder than expected"

"I really struggled with timing and ran out of time on nearly every single question"

"I could have been more prepared for some of the lesser topics"

60% of students wished they'd spent more time on theory revision before the exam, and 40% said they regret not having focused more on their time management!

This definitely highlights the importance of making sure you've covered all the different areas in your studies, not just getting to know the pre-seen.

If you were to give one tip for future students, what would it be?

Unsurprisingly, given the difficulty of the exam, students had a lot of tips to share. Here are just a few:

"Be confident on all the content, not just the content from previous exams"

"Try and answer all the questions - even if you're not 100% certain"

"Pay attention to time management and answer planning, not only studying content"

"Really, really understand the case study, know the company like the back of your hand"

"Practise as many questions as possible pre-exam"

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If you did the MCS May 2020 exams free to post your comment below or complete the survey here:- MCS May 2020 feedback Forum, your feedback will be helpful for future students who are looking forward to do the exams.

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Good luck with your exam results !!!!

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